3 Things you should consider before hiring a DJ for your event

Lion King Events - DJ Set Up Image
Lion King Events – DJ Set Up Image

You’re planning an event and you need music to liven up the atmosphere during event day. A good DJ will be able to elevate the mood with great music while a bad DJ can turn your entire event into a nightmare.

Go thru our checklist before hiring any DJ and your party should be a success.

1. Experience

Experience should be the most important factor to consider when choosing a DJ for your event. An experienced DJ will be able to put your guest at ease by playing music that everyone will appreciate. Experienced DJs are able to improvise based on the situation and read the crowd. An experienced DJ will also know how to mix in and out of songs to maintain the flow of the event.
When you hire any of our DJ from Lion King Events be put at ease by knowing all of our DJ are experienced in different forms of events from private parties, to wedding to corporate events etc.

2. Equipment

“A man is only as good as his tools.” This phase is especially important in the DJ industry. You’ll find a lot of talented DJ in the market who are experienced and cheap but you must ensure that they use professional equipment. Imagine having the best DJ in the world playing at your party but thru a sound system that always gets cut off, it’ll be a disaster. At Lion King Events we ensure that our equipment from mics to speakers are all of good quality and regularly maintained. We also bring along back up equipment in case anything goes wrong or we experience any other technical difficulties which require us to switch equipment.

3. Personality

A Dj should have an outgoing personality, if not how are they able to hype the crowd up? The best way to identify that quality will be meeting up and have a proper consultation with the DJ before hiring them. You’ll realize that not all DJs are outgoing. At Lion King Events we’ll ensure that all clients will have a sit-down consultation with the DJ before confirmation. Chemistry is important between client and DJ and we understand that point well.

Looking for A DJ for your upcoming event?
Contact Lion King Events @ https://www.lionkingevents.com for more information on our DJ Package.

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