How to decorate your house as a nightclub for a house party

Lion King Events - House Party
Lion King Events – House Party

You’re hosting a party this weekend. Have you got everything prepared? Is your house ready for your guest? Here are some tips on how to decorate a house as a nightclub for a party. Impress your guest with your decoration and leave everyone talking about your party months after.

1. Set the mood

Getting the mood right for any party is very essential. Can you imagine partying it up in a brightly lit space? It’ll just be awkward and the dancing may not kick off. (There’s a reason why nightclubs are always kept dark). Turn off your regular lights and turn on the black lights. Hang some fun things from the ceiling, such as multicolored disco balls or LED Christmas lights to create indirect lighting. Try pairing the light with a smoke machine to create the misty, dark and mysterious look that you see in all nightclubs.

2. Feature Specialty Drinks

Whether you plan to serve alcohol or specialized nonalcoholic drinks, give them the spotlight. Display liquor bottles, punch and other beverages on countertops to mimic a bar feel. If you’re looking for a portable bar, Sip Bar Concierge offer a great party package.Get someone else to man the bar while you party it up with your friends. I bet you don’t want to be stuck behind the bar while everyone is dancing the night away.

3. Music

Music is essential to a party, the party won’t be able to happen without it. Trust Lion King Events to provide the best DJ service for your party with an option to add on a karaoke machine which encourages interaction between your guest. We’ll ensure that the music will keep everyone pumped and the party will be at full swing will the end of the night. Our professional DJ will be able to read the crowd and pick the correct music to suit your guest.

Are you hosting a party anytime soon?

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