Top 7 Reasons why you should hire a professional wedding DJ

Lion King Events - Wedding Article
Lion King Events – Wedding Article

YAY! Congrats on being engaged to the love of your life! It’s time to get onto the difficult path of wedding planning. Wedding planning is a long and tough process but we’re here to help you out with the entertainment aspect.
There are so many choices for entertainment now, from a wedding band to a DJ or a master of ceremony. One should always be careful when selecting a wedding DJ as everyone now seem to be calling themselves a DJ.
You should always be careful when planning any part of your wedding and the entertainment of the night is no different. Make sure the person you select has the right experience, equipment, music knowledge, and personality to make sure one of the most important nights of your life goes exactly like how you planned and envision it. Your wedding night is supposed to be magical and be a night you’ll remember for the rest of your life so using a Spotify playlist or hiring an inexperienced but cheap DJ may not create the magical feeling for you.


Planning a wedding can be very stressful and it will take up a large chunk of your free time. By hiring a professional wedding DJ they will be able to walk you through the entire process and make sure no stone is left unturned. They will cover song selection when certain songs are supposed to be played and for how long, what songs NOT to play. An experienced wedding DJ will act as a background coordinator working with your venue coordinator, making sure your timeline stays on time.


There’s a huge database on songs available how would you be able to select the right song for your wedding? A wedding usually has a wide range of ages attending and it can be a difficult task to keep everyone excited with a playlist that you created beforehand. A professional DJ will be able to judge the mood at the moment and take in any request to play music that will be a total crowd pleaser. At Lion King Events our DJ are all professionals who has performed in multiple events, and wedding to know how to judge a situation and pick the perfect music to be played for whatever moment to suit any occasion that comes up.


You won’t want your perfect night to be ruin by a bad sound system. Can you imagine you’re giving your speech and all of a sudden the wireless microphone gets cut off or the guest at the back of your wedding can’t make out what you’re saying due to a bad sound system. A professional wedding DJ will be able to solve all these issues for you. At Lion King Events our DJ will always arrive early to your venue and set up the correct equipment in the best location for optimal sound distribution. We only make use of top of the line professional equipment to ensure that we’ll be able to create the perfect audio atmosphere for your guest. Equipment breakdown or accident such as a guest spilling a drink on the equipment are all unforeseeable accident that can potentially ruin the entire sound system but have no fear, here at Lion King Events we ensure that we bring along back up equipment to ensure that nothing will go wrong on your special day.


You’re doing your search for different DJ, you notice that there’s a wide range of pricing for services and equipment. Yes, you’ll be able to hire a DJ for the cheap, but you’ll most likely be sacrificing experience, equipment, and peace of mind of having someone who won’t disappear a week before your wedding day. The widely respected, wedding industry website, The Knot, recommends allocating 8-10% of your wedding budget for entertainment Read more: Lion King Events offer professional DJ packages that are cheaper than other companies so that you’ll be able to put the money saved into other things like booze or your honeymoon.


These days weddings are hosting at multiple locations from outdoor solemnization to an indoor banquet after. So unless you’ll have your entire event rundown in just one space you will be needing someone with the right experience and the right equipment to handle multiple locations at your wedding. Music, handheld microphones all need to be readily available on cue as guest get shifted from one area to the next. A professional will be able to get everything set up as soon as possible during your change in areas with as little downtime as possible.


Every girl has the perfect vision of how they want their wedding to be like and here at Lion King Events we want you to achieve that vision too. We understand the importance of ensuring that each and every little detail is taken care of. Hours of prep time is done beforehand at Lion King Events prior to your wedding date. We’ll be compiling music, testing equipment, contacting vendors, going over the timeline, rehearsing announcements etc so that there are no surprises during the wedding day itself. As the saying goes, if you’re not prepared you’re prepared to fail. After such a lengthy prep time we will be able to carry out the entire wedding without bothering or stressing you with little questions or issue so that you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.


Amazing weddings are unforgettable but the same applies to bad weddings. A professional wedding DJ can really help make a wedding great and tie everything together. We always receive feedback from our clients that everyone truly enjoyed our services and how they’re able to leave the entire entertainment planning to us and enjoy dancing their night way. Let us at Lion King Events keep your guest entertain all night so that you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding with them. Remember you’re the stars of the night.


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