A Live Band VS DJ for your wedding!

Your wedding, the once in a lifetime day that you’ll want to be perfect.

Let us weigh out the pros and cons of a Band and a DJ for you so that you’re able to make the most informative choice.

Live Band DJ
Setup : A band’s setup is much more complex than that of a DJ.  This can prevent a band from being able to cover the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, all of which are usually held in separate locations. Setup : A well-organised and properly-equipped DJ can easily address the unique needs of weddings, with separate systems for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.
Breaks: Bands usually play about 20-30 songs, filling 1/2 to 2/3 of the time for which they are hired.  The rest of the time, they take breaks, ending the momentum of the party. Breaks: DJ’s keep the music going (and your guests dancing) all night without taking breaks.
Stage Presence: People go out to see a band.  They go out to dance to a DJ.  Bands offer a stage presence that commands attention and works well for couples seeking to put on a “show” at their reception, rather than have non-stop dancing. Stage Presence: Conversely, couples looking for a less intrusive approach may prefer a professional, unobtrusive DJ….  One who can maintain constant excitement on the dance floor and keep the focus of attention on the couple and their celebration (the dance floor), rather than on the DJ (the stage).
Volume Level: Music volume levels are a serious concern for wedding guests who want to be able to converse at the reception.  Bands have limited control over their sound levels and generally play much louder than a DJ. Volume Level: The higher production quality of recorded music, with every instrument and vocal balanced in the studio, makes it sounds great at any volume level.  This allows the DJ to adjust levels as necessary throughout the event.
Music Variety: Bands are limited to what songs they know how to play well.  Many play the same 20-30 songs at every reception.  Very few have the ability to play the vast array of musical genre required by the mixed age groups at most weddings. Music Variety: A DJ can offer nearly limitless variety and flexibility, from classics to current.  Being able to play Duke Ellington, Journey and Katy Perry allows a DJ to create a truly tailored play list and keep all your guests happy.
Song Familiarity: People like to dance to music they know.  Bands do their best to imitate the way a song should sound, but many bands lack the instruments for all the parts (no trumpet for the trumpet solos, etc.) and few have both a male and female vocalist.  Listening to a less than spectacular band attempt to cover your favorite song can be a painful experience. Song Familiarity: A DJ can play exactly the music you have imagined for your wedding: your favorite songs by your favorite artists that sound exactly as you and your guests expect them to sound.  We live for those moments when we hit the start button and immediately hear a guest say “I love this song!”
Reliability: If one member of a band can’t do the event, trying to find someone to play the same instruments and know the parts of the other band members can be nearly impossible, thereby forcing the band to cancel. Reliability: A reputable DJ company will always have another trained DJ on stand-by to cover an event when necessary.  We regularly receive last-minute calls during the wedding season from couples who’s bands or single-operator DJs have cancelled.

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