DJ in Singapore – WHY?

Being a DJ in Singapore. I’ll always get looks of confusion when I tell people my profession.

If I’m able to get $2 for everything someone asks me why I decided to pick DJ-ing as a career I think I’ll be rich by now. It’s the passion that drives someone to be a DJ, the love for the music, the love for the arts. Without passion, it’s difficult to get through the hardship of being a DJ.

Even before you start earning money you’ll have to spend a huge sum to purchase turntables, speakers, software, music licenses, laptops and a whole list of small necessities. This is excluding the time we take to perfect our craft into what it is. The hours spent learning about the different music, grasping the correct timing to create a break all these are intangible items which a price tag can’t be placed upon.

I believe most DJ in Singapore decided to enter this industry based on the passion they have and the love they have for music and that is also the reason why I joined.

As the saying goes “Do something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Each event, each gig does not feel like work to me. I am enjoying the process and each event is a chance for me to learn more about myself and the kind of music suitable for different people.

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