Singapore DJ – Propnex Annual Golf Tournament

Being a DJ in Singapore, it was a great honour for us to be called up to host Propnex Annual Golf Tournament.

We kept the energy pumping throughout all 18 holes for both the golfers and participants. We ensure that there wasn’t a single dull moment thru the entire event.

With awesome goodie bags, booze and food and even a lucky draw at the end everyone went home with smiles on their face and we believe our music and mixes played a part in keeping that smile on their face.

Here in Lion King Events we strongly believe in how music will affect the mood of an entire event and has always believed in having a consultation beforehand with our clients to find out what kind of event they are hosting, the kind of people they are expecting to better prepare the appropriate playlist and tracks for the event itself.

It’s how a wedding playlist will not be suitable for a 21st birthday playlist. We believe each event is unique and there isn’t a “one size fit all” kind of solution in our industry. So customising is very important and one’s DJ skills will be reflected in this form of customisation. Some Singapore DJ may use one mix for just events that are simialr to each other but not us. We believe in customisation and creating the best playlist to suit your needs.

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